Frequently Asked Question

Are ticks born with Lyme Disease
No, they get  the bacterium from an infected animal.  Mice, chipmunks, a few species of birds can also transmit the bacteria to ticks and transmit it to you by a bite. 
Do you use garlic barrier or other garlic based products?
Our experience has been that it might work to repel , it doesnt kill, however lets look at it this way.  Ticks are not smart, so a tick out in the middle of a 20,000 sq ft lawn doesnt know which way to start heading to get away from the garlic based product, plus they dont travel far on a good day.  A day later the grass would grow a little and there would be a small area not covered in garlic oil.  Within days there would be a lot of area not covered in garlic, so I believe and logic dictates that the product isnt the best choice for tick control.  Additionally when an animal comes across your lawn ticks drop off and there you have it more ticks on 6 " of new grass. 

Can animals get Lyme Disease?

Yes, dogs, cats, goats, cows and horses can get Lyme Disease.

Is the application safe, I have animals and kids?
I get this question more than any other question.  When a pesticide application is done properly and all label instructions are followed then we dont have any adverse effects, so if I say keep off until dry, I expect you to keep off until dry.  We are putting down a very small amount of chemical to kill a very small insect.  We cant use the words safe, because anyone can have an alergic reaction to anything.  I can eat peanut butter but I have friends who can not.  My black lab is allergic to grass, go figure.

How did my dog get a tick on it?
Dogs can get ticks on them by walking in your yard, or walking along wood lines.  Small rodents carry ticks into your yard on a regular basis.

How did my dog get a tick on it I use Frontline?
Frontline will not repel the tick, it kills the tick when it bites into the dog and gets a blood meal.

We don't have any deer, how are we getting ticks in our yard?

Deer carry a lot of ticks because they bed down in areas where they get exposed.   Deer cover a very large home range.  When the ticks drop off they can be picked up and transported into your yard by a mouse, squirrel, chipmunk or bird.  Your dog or cat can transport  them into your home.  Perform tick checks on animals when they come into the house.

Who gets the highest rate of exposure to Lyme Disease?

Studies have shown that children under 10 years of age have the highest rate of exposure, followed by 10-19, and 50-59 years of age groups.

It’s cold outside, how do I have ticks ?   Ticks can be active in the late Winter and early Spring when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

What towns do you cover?

Please click the links according to state to find a contractor.

Does a tick bite hurt?

A tick bite is painless, most people never feel the bite.  This is why it is so important to conduct frequent tick checks. 

 Can a tick live in my house?

Ticks can enter into your home by catching a ride on you or one of your animals.   The inside of your home is too dry for a tick, they will die shortly after entering the home.  However once inside they can still bite you.

What kind of tick transmits Lyme Disease?  

The black legged tick aka( deer tick).


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