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There is just no nice way to say it. Fleas and Ticks are parasites with a taste for blood. They will feed on your family and pets, and sometimes they can give something back in the form of infectious diseases.

Fleas can carry a number of diseases and parasites including tapeworms, occasionally transmitting them to humans. The life span of fleas on dogs and cats is usually more than 100 days, in which time a pair of fleas can produce millions of offspring.


Ticks are carriers of many serious diseases, including Encephalitis and Lyme Disease. Lyme disease begins with a bulls eye shaped rash in the area of a tick bite. If left untreated Lyme disease can affect the heart and nervous system for many years.


Ticks are usually associated with wooded areas, but can be carried by birds, squirrels and other animals a great distance from their natural home. Fleas are especially difficult because they can survive up to 60 days without feeding. 


Because these insects are more than just a simple aggravation, you should react quickly if you suspect you may have fleas or ticks in the vicinity of your property.


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